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Tim Scronce Small Business Journal
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Tim Scronce Bio

Tim Scronce has been an owner, CEO and president of both
large and small, private and public companies over his 30 year
career. Mr. Scronce’s success in business can be attributed to
his growth minded approach and his ability to develop strong
personal relationships while maintaining a healthy balance.

As President and COO of Blue Rhino Corporation, Mr. Scronce led
the organization through tremendous growth and the company
was recognized as the #2 best performing stock on NASDAQ in
2002. In addition, Mr. Scronce has had significant international
experience in sales, marketing, sourcing and supply chain
management. Mr. Scronce received a BS in Industrial
Engineering from North Carolina State University and a MBA
from the University of Phoenix

Tim currently serves as President of private equity firm, Scronce &
Associates, LLC; and General Management and Business
Development consulting firm, Scronce Advisors, LLC.

In addition to leading Scronce Business Growth Companies, Tim
also serves as Chair for Vistage Worldwide, Inc. in Southern New
Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts leading invitation-only
private advisory boards for CEOs, business owners, and
executives to help them achieve significant financial independence,
strong personal relationships and balance.

Mr Scronce is also an Adjunct Faculty member at New Hampshire
Technology Institute teaching math courses from college algebra to
calculus II.

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Tim Scronce Small Business Journal
Tim Scronce, President, Scronce Real Estate
Tim Scronce, President, Scronce Real Estate