Founded in 2010 by Tim Scronce, Scronce Real Estate’s primary focus is procurement and leasing of facilities for businesses seeking to expand operations and/or consolidate business units under one roof.

Fast growing small and mid-sized companies face many challenges, not the least of which is keeping debt under control during periods of expansion. Building projects can chew up valuable credit resources and become obstacles to expansion, rather than a vehicle for future growth. This where Scronce Real Estate comes in.

With two decades of experience in dealing with expansion of companies ranging from very small to very large, Tim and his team focus on meeting business owners at their current dilemma. Scronce Real Estate will sit down with business owners and determine feasibility, then move ahead to identifying business needs—facility size, type, location, etc.— then, develop a facilities leasing plan that accommodates future growth while at the same time mitigates risk.

At the end of the day a proper facilities plan must make good business sense. Scronce Real Estate is committed to assisting growing businesses in finding a facility solution that fits into their future growth strategy.

In addition to Real Estate development, Tim Scronce also offers consulting services for small businesses and is always looking for investment opportunities. To learn more, please visit and We'll get back in touch in no time so we can start developing your dream.